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2017 R&R Conference Wraps Up Today

We hope you enjoyed all the 14th Annual Recruitment & Retention Conference had to offer. It was an exceptional time of learning from many experts in our industry. Thank you to all who attended.

The second morning of the conference began with Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo, who helped us understand how current driver data affects recruiting and retention for fleets. Bryan gave us some great insight on how recruiting and retention professionals can use specific data to make better decisions. During the second general session of the day, we got to hear from the top three finalists for the 2016 Recruiter of the Year award. Each of the finalists shared their own perspective and insight on recruiting efforts and innovations other carriers can implement into their own programs. We also announced the 2016 Recruiter of the Year winner.

Our 14th Annual Recruitment & Retention Conference was a great success this year thanks to all of our amazing speakers, panelists and moderators. We also want to take a moment to thank our many sponsors for their continued support. Our sponsors this year included; DriverFACTS; Driver iQ; EFS Transportation Services; American Driver Network; EBE, Inc.; EpicVue; HireMaster Wright Media; Indeed; Professional Driver Agency; Quality Companies; Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC; Sirius XM Radio; Stay Metrics; TruckersReport; and TruckRight. A special thanks in particular goes out to Transport Topics for partnering with us to present this outstanding conference. Thank you again to all of you who made this conference such a great experience for all. See you next year!

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