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5 Tips for Creating More Effective Job Descriptions

Hiring the ideal driver begins with crafting the perfect job description to attract exactly who you’re seeking to add to your fleet. The quality of your postings on job boards and search engines will directly influence the types of applications that your recruiters will receive. Of course, you strive to generate as many leads as possible to satisfy the high demand for quality candidates – though, you also want to ensure that your hard-working recruiting team is focusing their efforts on the right drivers; the drivers who the fit the mold and successfully complement your growing fleet. At Conversion, we’re here to help you post your job with success. Check out these 5 recruiter tips and tricks for constructing job descriptions that will have all the right drivers knocking at your door in their job search.

1. Create a mouthwatering headline.
The headline – it’s the bread and butter. It’s the first thing a driver will read on a job board or search engine posting (it might be the only thing they read). It’s the elevator pitch of job postings. It’s a first impression and your number-one selling point. Think about the one thing that your recruiters talk about that keeps job seekers on the phone. Maybe you can brag about an industry-leading salary. Or, maybe your drivers are getting home every day or weekend. Whatever it is, you should include it in the headline – and, you should do it in 35 characters or less (yes, it’s challenging, but we believe in you – and we can help!).

2. Zero-in on the specifics.
Be open and honest about the expectations that you have for job seekers. Provide a brief summary of what they should be prepared for while on the job and in the hiring process. Again, you want quality candidates, but you also want the drivers who are ready to buy-in to your culture, philosophy, and employer branding.

3. Pitch them hard!
Sure, you’ve got an awesome family culture, a 401(k) and fantastic home time – but enough about you, what about them? What can a driver personally gain in his or her career or life by joining your team, and how can you back-up that promise? Yes, job seekers are interested in benefits and culture, but hitting hard on the “what’s in it for me” factor is ultimately how you’re going to make the sale in a job search.

4. Keep it brief.
It’s the world we live in – people want things now and they want them fast. Plus, with so many drivers using smartphones to job search, it’s best to keep the scrolling to a minimum. Find the perfect balance between including all the details and straying away from a scary wall of text in your job descriptions. You can achieve this by bulleting out certain parts of the post, like job benefits and qualifications.

5. Don’t forget the keywords!
Becoming one with the search engine is going to put you ahead of the game. Including and periodically refreshing keywords keeps your post relevant and closer to the top of a long list of search results. Drivers search using specific words and phrases, like CDL-A, truck driver job, home time, etc. Find a way to sprinkle these special words into your job descriptions, and you’ll have one killer job posting.

Using these recruiter tips and tricks when creating your job postings will help position you for success in your driver recruiting efforts and in the hiring process.

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