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5 Ways Instagram Stories Grow Your Brand

After debuting 2016, the total audience on Instagram Stories has grown to more than 500 million daily users. If you’re wondering if drivers are on Instagram Stories, the simple answer is YES. Not only are Instagram users looking through Stories daily, but they are also interacting with quick format content more than regular feed posts.

According to Instagram, one in five Stories posted by businesses get a direct message. Drivers are waiting for you to post Stories to get to know you and your brand better - and until you do, they could be sliding into your competitor’s direct messages.

In today’s day and age, being creative when it comes to recruiting truck drivers is the key to success. When you think out of the box, you win in driver recruiting. So, what are some benefits of using Instagram Stories as a recruiting tool?

Improves Brand Awareness

Instead of hoping that the mysterious Instagram algorithm will work in your favor, your brand can pop up at the top of every one of your followers’ feeds by posting a simple Story. Also, your followers get a notification when you publish a new Story, making your content harder to ignore than the regular Instagram feed post.

Increase Social Engagement

The Instagram algorithm considers all the interactions you receive on your Instagram Stories. The more you post stories on Instagram, the more your posts will show up in the feed, which means your followers are more likely to engage with your content.

Generate Leads

By growing your Instagram following, you are growing your pool of prospects. These warmer leads are one step closer to converting. Although stories only last for 24 hours, they are discoverable, so people who do not follow you can see your posts.

Real-Time Marketing

With Instagram Stories, you get the opportunity to interact in real-time with your audience, giving you a chance to understand their needs better. Try using polls or question buttons to get feedback from your followers on what they are looking for from your brand.

Increases Brand Transparency

Instagram Stories are the best way to showcase behind-the-scenes videos from employees. When followers see personal content, they’re more likely to feel connected to the people who make your brand what it is, which will keep them coming back for more.

As Instagram continues to tweak its algorithm, Instagram Stories are the perfect opportunity to create deeper connections with your current drivers and keep you one step ahead of your competition. Besides the new types of engagement features, posting to Stories allows you to showcase content that might not fit anywhere else. By shifting your focus to Instagram Stories, you can finally tell more of your brand’s story.

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