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Catching THE Fish

By Jeff Walkup, National Sales Executive, Print Promo Source by ACS Advertising

We know them as Tchotchke (/ˈtʃɒtʃkəCHOCH-ke), doodads, a doohickey, gewgaw, gizmo, goolya, kitsch, knickknack, lagniappe, thingamabob, thingamajig, toy, trinket, whatchamacallit, whosie-whatsit, widget, etc.

The word may also refer to swag, in the sense of the logo pens, key rings, and other promotional freebies dispensed at trade shows, conventions, and similar large events.

Your question is DO THEY WORK? Or do they help promote my company?

My response is always… (If I give you a stick and some line can you catch A Fish?) Of course you can. Without an executed plan, we cannot predict how much time or if it will be THE Fish.

This leaves a large “gap,” and this is where the Thinkers and the Do-ers are separated.

The “Thinker” knows he usually gives away something and thinks the same pen or button will bring him tons of prospects because he is giving them something. Think time: 30 secs (This is how long the prospect remembers you or your company!)

The “Do-er” has a well thought-out message and an item or items that refer to his campaign, company or a unique item that will be sought out. Ask yourself, “Would I walk across the convention floor to receive this item?” You have just increased your chances on catching THE Fish.

Studies have proven that promotional items have the BEST ROI than any other forms of advertising, including TV, Radio and Newspaper.

Remember to be a “Do-er.” Inquire about help in selecting a product that is not necessarily the least expensive giveaway, but a thought-out promotion to get YOUR Brand out there to land YOUR Fish.

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