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CDL Driver Recruiting: The Driver’s Perspective

Let’s start off by being honest: life as a commercial truck driver is tough. Drivers are confined to an 8’ x 8’ cabin for 300+ days out of the year (usually spent alone). Since they’re behind the wheel, they are always required to be alert and focused. Some drivers must even perform live loading and unloading of goods as a part of their normal routine. There is also the fact that as drivers start their truck driving career, they are required to obtain a Class A CDL along with many other knowledge and skill tests necessary to haul a tractor trailer.

We’ve chatted with dozens of truck drivers and the biggest draw is always this: home time. By home time, drivers mean time spent with family, doing what they love or relaxing – a true reset.

Federal DOT regulations state that a driver can work up to the 60/70-hour limit - driving time is limited to 60 hours within seven consecutive days or to 70 hours within eight consecutive days. A driver then gets a minimum of 34 consecutive off-duty hours before beginning a new 7/8-day driving period. For an OTR truck driver (“over-the-road”) or a regional truck driver, these 34 hours are sometimes the only respite they get.

All of this culminates into one of the most mentally and physically demanding jobs out there. But all is not bad. There are a lot of positives in being a professional truck driver and there are reasons why people choose it as their profession.

One of the biggest perks of being a commercial truck driver is that drivers get to travel and see the country as a part of their everyday experience - all while driving the most modern types of vehicles and equipment available. Though life on the road may be lonely, it is at truck stops, rest stops and terminals where drivers are able to socialize face-to-face. On the flipside, with the rise of social media in today’s world, drivers can connect with their loved ones even while out on the road and away from home.

Through driver testimonials we also know that drivers want to feel a sense of comradery with their carrier and peers - one word that always comes up in these testimonials: family. Daily communication with fleet managers, company updates and interactions with other drivers all help create a family-like atmosphere. This is essential to any carrier’s success, particularly with driver recruiting and retention efforts.

As the employer, it’s important to understand the many aspects of the trucking industry and the job you are trying to fill. By focusing your CDL driver recruiting efforts around this mindset, you ensure that your company and independent truck driver recruiters can connect with potential drivers on a more personal level and attract the right candidates for hire.

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