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Challenge Coins

At Conversion Interactive Agency, we know how difficult retaining good drivers can be. This is why we work hard to develop retention programs that keep your good drivers with you for many years. One of the innovative ways we can help you retain your drivers is through the use of Challenge Coins.

Members of the United States Military have a long tradition of carrying Challenge Coins as a way to identify their units while also displaying pride, fellowship and common loyalty. The history of the coins can be traced to the Civil War when American soldiers carried a coin from home in their pockets and kept it as a remembrance after the war as a reminder of the experience. Challenge Coin popularity spread during the Vietnam War when Special Forces minted coins to express the strong bond forged among the members. Other units began developing their own coins as a symbol of camaraderie.

Challenge Coins became a symbol of pride as commanders used them as rewards, and military members who had the coins were expected to carry them at all times. At Conversion Interactive Agency, we believe transportation employees should be recognized for a job well done, and Challenge Coins are the perfect way to recognize outstanding drivers in a simple, yet poignant way. Drivers who are also veterans will recognize the symbolism of the coin immediately and will understand their company not only respects the job they do, but also wants them to know how much they are appreciated.

At Conversion Interactive Agency, we can help your company design a Challenge Coin that is beautiful and represents your company branding in a way no other item can. We believe Challenge Coins will grow in popularity as a method for retention in many industries as they not only reward outstanding employees, but also build unity among team members, which, in turn, increases morale.

Challenge Coins are actively traded among active-duty, retired and civilian personnel, and it has become customary to present a challenge coin to dignitaries as a sign of respect and welcome. In fact, President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama have all minted Challenge Coins that represent the White House, presenting them to visiting dignitaries. The coins have become so popular that other countries have begun minting them as well.

Conversion Interactive Agency understands the importance Challenge Coins have in military and governmental recognition, and we believe they can be used as a powerful tool in the retention of outstanding drivers as well. Learn more about how we can help you design your Challenge Coins today by visiting our website or finding us on Facebook and Twitter.

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