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Chocolates, Flowers & Driver Retention

By: Natalie Orio, Account Group Director, ACS Advertising

It’s been said that finding a spouse is a lot easier than keeping one. The shiny wears off and the romance fades. It takes effort to make a marriage work. In a world where you can find a new flame at the click of a mouse on endless dating websites, it’s no wonder that so many marriages fade.

So you are saying to yourself, “why in the heck is this crazy girl analyzing relationships on a transportation industry blog?” My answer- Driver Retention.

With 7 jobs for every single driver out there right now, keeping a driver is a whole lot harder than finding a new one. However, if you can do little things to keep your drivers happy, they are much less likely to have a wondering eye to other carriers on the countless job boards that are out there… probably as many, if not more, than dating sites.

What can you do to help with retention? Sending flowers or chocolates may not have the same effect on a driver as it would on a spouse, but there are plenty of things you can do to show your drivers how much you care to keep your “relationship” as shiny and new as their truck. Sending a birthday card to them, their spouse, and maybe even their kids is something that is inexpensive and easy to do. Reaching out and just giving them a call to say hello, how are you, and let them know how much they are appreciated can go a long way and won’t cost you a penny. Similar to that marriage we were talking about earlier? I think yes.

Of course there are grander gestures and physical things that always make a driver feel appreciated. No need to purchase diamonds or anything, but we all know how much drivers like T-shirts, hats and jackets.

Just some food for thought for your day. What do you currently do to make your drivers know you care? How about your spouse? Maybe picking up some flowers tonight on the way home might be a good idea…

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