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Conversion Interactive Agency & DriverFacts Unveil New Driver Application Innovation

VR AppFacts Improving Driver Recruiting Process Scheduled to Launch First Quarter of This Year

BRENTWOOD, TENN., January 2, 2018 – Conversion Interactive Agency and DriverFacts announced today the two organizations have partnered to develop new innovation that improves the process for recruiters and drivers in the trucking industry. VR AppFacts prequalifies drivers, pulls the driver applicant’s data, and triggers a phone call directly to a recruiter in a matter of minutes.

“We are always focused on improving the driver experience and streamlining processes for recruiters, and VR AppFacts achieves both of these objectives,” said Kelley Walkup, president and CEO of Conversion Interactive Agency. “This new innovation can be a game-changer for recruiters in the industry.”

The new VR AppFacts solution builds off Conversion Interactive Agency’s current Virtual Recruiter solution that immediately generates a phone call to the recruiter from a driver’s pre-qualified digital short form. With this new innovation, when a qualified driver’s short form is completed, the information is sent to DriverFacts where the Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) information, Driver Work History (DWH), and any additional data that is available is immediately pulled. This data is submitted to the carrier’s application tracking system (ATS), and the Virtual Recruiter system triggers a phone call to the recruiter who has the information at their fingertips to begin discussing driving opportunities with the pre-qualified driver.

“We’re delivering the essential pieces of the driver application to the recruiter before they even begin processing the application, saving time, reducing the application drop-off rate for drivers, and allowing recruiters to filter out unqualified applicants,” said Dave Widly, president of DriverFacts. “Providing this critical data to the application after the driver submits the digital short form is extremely valuable for the recruiting process.”

VR AppFacts includes a simple, six-step process:

  1. Potential driver completes the Virtual Recruiter short form on the carrier’s landing page.
  2. The driver is prequalified based on how he answered the questions on the form.
  3. Virtual Recruiter sends the driver’s information to DriverFacts.
  4. DriverFacts pulls the reporting requested by the carrier (MVR, CDLIS, DWH, etc.)
  5. DriverFacts sends the driver application information to the carrier’s ATS
  6. Virtual Recruiter triggers a phone call to the carrier’s recruiter(s) from the qualified driver.

“Carriers who leverage this innovation eliminate time wasted on working partial driver applications that aren’t a good fit for their carrier,” added Walkup. “This makes them better positioned to go after the drivers they know are qualified.”

To find out more about Conversion Interactive Agency and DriverFacts, visit and

About Conversion Interactive Agency
Conversion Interactive Agency is a full service advertising agency specializing in driver recruiting, retention and training for the trucking industry. The agency is focused on connecting the right fleets with the right drivers.

About DriverFacts
DriverFacts partners with carriers to deliver secure, efficient and customized online reports to the trucking industry. The company automates carriers’ verification processes by providing tools to update and deliver DOT compliant information.

Media Contacts:
Priscilla Peters, VP Marketing & Training, Conversion Interactive Agency, 615-377-2595,

Mylene Patterson, Business Development Manager, DriverFacts, 888-844-4730 x804,

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