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Conversion Interactive Agency Launches New Platform Aimed at Helping Small Fleets Recruit Truck Drivers

Conversion Interactive Agency announced today the organization has launched LeadFlex Max, a one-stop-shop for generating driver leads for fleets of all sizes.

“When a small fleet has driver needs, they often struggle with how and where to advertise for their open positions,” said Kelley Walkup, president and CEO of Conversion Interactive Agency. “LeadFlex Max provides an opportunity for fleets of any size to post jobs, purchase advertising, and receive driver leads all from one system.”

In this platform, carriers work through an easy setup process where they post driver jobs, purchase advertising from the industry’s top media sources, receive leads from those sources, and ultimately hire the drivers they need. The platform provides simple or advanced options for fleets including setting your budget and allowing Conversion Interactive to choose the best media options, or choosing your own advertising options, branding your own custom recruiting web site, and an applicant tracking system powered by DriverReach.

“We’re leveling the playing field for smaller fleets to recruit drivers easily and effectively with this new platform,” said Walkup. “With multiple options, they can be hands-on in deciding where to place their media, or they can let us make those decisions based on their job postings and the goals they have.”

LeadFlex Max launched this week for fleets of all sizes.

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