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COVID-19 & Driver Recruiting: Updates for 3/23/2020

We understand you and your team are battling the challenge of recruiting and retaining drivers during this unexpected pandemic situation. Conversion Interactive Agency is committed to regularly sharing with you the trends, information and data we are collecting that impacts you and your carrier.

While this is an ever-changing situation, below is a rundown of what we know today:

  • The Federal Government Deems Trucking Essential During COVID-19 Pandemic – The Department of Homeland Security listed “Transportation and Logistics” among the list of essential businesses and employees they developed. An update offering additional clarity on “truck drivers” is expected this week.
  • FMCSA Issued a Notice to State Drivers Licensing Agencies – The FMCSA issued a notice to states regarding drivers licensing permits, renewals and expirations. Details can be found here.
  • Panic-Buying is Impacting Freight Volumes – Freight volumes continue to climb week-over-week, and experts are saying that year-over-year analysis are meaningless at this point. As more restaurants and business close temporarily, these freight volumes should flatten.

We reached out to some of our strategic media partners in helping us compile information for you, and the following is some insight they shared from their platforms.

  • Hiremaster – The following are statistics from Hiremaster for last week vs. the previous week:
    • Users up 4%
    • Applications are up 44%
    • Reefer applications are up 62%

  • Indeed – the following is data and information provided by Indeed:
    • Driver searches are being made 59% more than average.
    • Blue collar searches outperforming the average (25% more) with white collar slightly below average (4% below).
    • Jobs in SD, GA, OK, NH, and IN all greater than 50% above average performance on site. California is also 47% above.
    • Searches have plummeted in TN, 170% below average on the site.
    • Searches in NJ, OR, PA, MO, RI are all more than 40% lower than average performance on the site.

  • Talroo – the following is data and information provided by Talroo that analyzes the YOY search data for drivers and owner-operators:
    • CDL-A Company Driver Searches for March 2019 Month-To-Date: 297,603
    • CDL-A Company Driver Searches for March 2020 Month-To-Date: 491,476
    • CDL-A Owner-Operator Searches for March 2019 Month-To-Date: 42,576
    • CDL-A Owner-Operator Searches for March 2020 Month-To-Date: 57,983

If you are interested in joining next week’s client webinar, “Top 10 Tips Carriers Need to Know About the FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse,” please CLICK HERE.

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