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COVID-19 & Driver Recruiting: Updates for 4/20/2020

We understand you and your team are battling the challenge of recruiting and retaining drivers during this unexpected pandemic situation. Conversion Interactive Agency is committed to regularly sharing with you the trends, information and data we are collecting that impacts you and your carrier.

While this is an ever-changing situation, below is a rundown of what we know today:

  • Boost for Small Business Loan Program Expected This Week – Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are pointing to a “good chance” of a bipartisan agreement on an additional aid package of up to $450 billion for the small business loan program. To read more click here.
  • Tender Lead Times Increasing Amid COVID-19 – The amount of time between a load request submission and requested pickup date have increased almost 17% year over year with 40% of the increase occurring since the start of April. Shippers are pressured to fulfill orders as fast as possible or lose out on the business.
  • Insurance Companies Look at Hiring, Training & Monitoring/Disciplining Policies – More than ever, insurance companies and underwriters want to know specifically how carriers are hiring, training and monitoring their drivers. This is one reason carriers are turning to online driver orientation and training. Not only does it make sense during a crisis such as COVID-19, but also when securing rates and underwriters for insurance needs at your carrier.

The following includes information on driver recruitment media and marketing updates from Conversion Interactive Agency and our valued partners:

Career Now Brands – the following is data and information relating to trends Career Now Brands saw in their data over the past week:

  • While the top line metrics continue to be strong, we do see some shifts in audience behavior under the surface. For instance, our concierge and recruiter services are observing high answering machine rates (85%+) presenting a challenge to outbound call efforts.
  • To combat the high answering machine rate, we are finding voicemail drops are working very well to drive inbound engagement.
  • Overall conversions from our contact center increased slightly as a result to drive a 6% month-over-month increase.

Reminder: We are also sending out updates for your drivers so you can provide them with valuable information that will help them on the road. You can find the latest driver update here on our blog.

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