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COVID-19 & Driver Recruiting: Updates for 6/10/2020

We understand you and your team are battling the challenge of recruiting and retaining drivers during this unexpected pandemic situation. Conversion Interactive Agency is committed to regularly sharing with you the trends, information and data we are collecting that impacts you and your carrier.

While this is an ever-changing situation, below is a rundown of what we know today:

  • Driver Turnover Remains Low in Today’s Market – Industry experts are reporting driver turnover for truckload fleets spiked in January and February, but since COVID-19 turnover has dipped significantly for all fleet types.
  • Truckload Freight Recovery Continues – Freight analysts and industry insiders are continuing to report momentum in truckload freight markets. The national average for van truckload is tracking closely to the same period in 2019.
  • FMCSA Grants Waiver for Pre-Employment Testing – FMCSA has issued a new waiver that extends the period under which drivers qualify for the pre-employment testing exception under 49 CFR 382.301(b) from 30 days to 90 days. This provides relief for carriers who are beginning to recall drivers who were furloughed, laid off, or not working for the company for over 30 days.

The following includes information on driver recruitment media and marketing updates from Conversion Interactive Agency and our valued partners:

  • Many carriers have questions about how to navigate the current national crisis and climate. Here’s a video from our team with some good recommendations for how to best represent your brand during these times – click here to view the video.
  • If you missed our webinar last week, Recovery Readiness: 5 Strategies for Driver Recruiting Post COVID-19, and you would like a copy of the presentation and recording, please email us today!

If you have specific information you would like to know or would like us to research, please email

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