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COVID-19 & Driver Recruiting: Updates for 6/24/2020

We understand you and your team are battling the challenge of recruiting and retaining drivers during this unexpected pandemic situation. Conversion Interactive Agency is committed to regularly sharing with you the trends, information and data we are collecting that impacts you and your carrier.

While this is an ever-changing situation, below is a rundown of what we know today:

  • Freight Tonnage Down but Economists Optimistic About Trucking’s Rebound – Truck tonnage declined 9.6% in May, according to ATA. However, economists are predicting trucking will recover back to pre-COVID levels before other industries. Read more here.
  • COVID-19 Creating More Demand for Compliance Outsourcing for Fleets – Industry insiders agree the current pandemic has created more demand for compliance outsourcing as fleets have thinned their office workforce and employees are working from home. More and more fleets are outsourcing their vehicle licensing, fuel taxes, driver qualification files and other processes.
  • Contactless Technology on the Rise Amid Pandemic – Many fleets agree the technology and new processes they are implementing during COVID-19 will most likely stay even after the pandemic ends. For some that means full or partial online orientation, complete contactless driver interaction, maintenance and driver’s lounge areas.

The following includes information on driver recruitment media and marketing updates from Conversion Interactive Agency and our valued partners:

  • Indeed has seen job posting activity increase for the past 6 weeks, which means the competition for jobs is increasing.
  • According to Talroo, 33 states increased job seeker activity month-over-month, and experts expect transportation and other job seeker sectors to continue to grow especially considering the unemployment stimulus bonus ends July 31, 2020.

This is our final update for the COVID-19 impact. We hope these have been informative, and we will continue to provide updates as necessary. If you have specific information you would like to know or would like us to research, please email

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