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Cutting Costs and Improving Processes in Driver Recruiting

You’re looking for a way to cut costs, but still meet your recruiting and retention goals in a tough economy. Marten Transport has done just that with help from ACS Advertising.

“As long as I’ve been at Marten, since 2007, we have made meaningful strides in cutting costs with help from ACS Advertising. Our advertising costs in 2006 were significant, and our cost per hire is down almost 27% from 2006 to 2011,” said Director of Recruiting for Marten Transport Tim Norlin. “Not only has our cost per hire decreased, but our costs are down 18.6% in 2012 compared to 2006 when we established a baseline. The cost reductions are significant, especially considering we’re six years deeper into the economy, and costs have gone up, but our cost-per-hire has gone down.”

Why such a significant savings in cost-per-hire? The strategy ACS Advertising employed of moving Marten’s advertising dollars to where Norlin would see significant results and ultimately hires that keep his fleet moving forward is what made the most significant impact. “We owe a lot of our success to ACS Advertising because of their recommendations that included adjusting where we spend our advertising dollars,” said Norlin. In 2006, Marten was spending 10%-15% of their advertising budget in digital strategies. Today, the company’s digital spend is the largest spend category, followed by trade publications and newspapers. “The strategies ACS Advertising has put in place for us in our pay-per-click campaigns and our SEO programs have played a huge part in why the digital strategies are our number one lead source behind driver referrals.”

Marten’s driver referral program is the company’s top lead source, and ACS Advertising’s strategic initiatives have made an impact on the success of the program. “Our referral program that ACS Advertising supports has paid off in spades for us,” said Norlin. “It’s our number one source for drivers.”

ACS Advertising also introduced Norlin and his team to an innovative solution that saves him thousands each month on driver orientation costs. Command Solutions, a customized online driver orientation program offered by ACS Advertising, has reaped big cost-saving rewards for Marten. “Command Solutions has really helped our orientation process become more efficient,” said Norlin. “The program cut out an additional day of lodging and meals for our new drivers, and gets drivers into trucks and more productive very quickly.”

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