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Day One of the Annual Recruitment & Retention Conference Kicks Off

The 10th Annual Recruitment & Retention Conference kicked off today to a great start in Nashville, Tenn., with over 300 recruiting and retention professionals attending. This annual event is one-of-a-kind and gives carriers the opportunity to learn new strategies relating to driver recruiting and retention. We heard lots of great feedback today from attendees on their excitement about this year’s content.

Today’s lineup included a general session in the morning, followed by five informative breakout sessions throughout the day. Hall of Fame speaker and consultant Mike Frank started the morning off in the general session speaking about what he calls the “Eight Great Traits of Superstar Recruiters.” Frank gave a light-hearted and informative talk about the importance of leadership traits, selling skills and the ability to speak and listen when it comes to recruiting.

During each breakout session, attendees had multiple workshop options to choose from in order to learn the information most needed for their fleets. During the “Learning from The Best Fleets to Drive For” workshop, John Fritzius, general manager for Motor Carrier Service, Inc., Jane Jazrawy, vice president of product development for CarriersEdge and Mark Murrell, president of CarriersEdge, spoke about qualities of top fleets and how to gain respect and loyalty from drivers. This workshop focused on introducing proven bonus and incentive programs, examples of post-orientation ramp-up programs to maximize new hire success, the importance of wellness programs to increase overall driver satisfaction and retention rates, and real-life illustrations of successful independent contractor programs that can improve fleet safety and performance scores. Our own Elmer Mobley, digital media strategist, and Leah Mackey Schultz, director of social media operations, spoke to conference attendees about the importance of search engine optimization and social media presence when it comes to recruiting in the “Maximizing Your Digital and Social Recruiting Footprint” workshop. Other breakout session topics included: “Reaping the Rewards of Web-Based Driver Orientation,” “A Healthy Driver is a Happy Driver,” “Piecing Together Your Driver Recruiting Puzzle,” “Recruiting From the Military Resources,” and “Recruiting and Retaining Owner Operators.”

The first day of this year’s Recruitment & Retention proved that this year’s event is going to be our most exciting yet. We’re looking forward to seeing what tomorrow holds for our conference attendees!

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