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Don’t Forget Who Your Brand Message is Really For

By: Beverly Ringstaff, ACS Advertising Creative Manager

It’s not news that the Internet and social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter have altered how companies and the public relate to each other. But there are still many of you in the trucking industry who think drivers are still behind the curve or removed from this. It’s true that, as an industry, we communicate differently. Like most industries, we have our own vocabulary (words like owner ops, deadheading, lumpers, and so on aren’t used anywhere else are they?). And you know that folks outside our industry think of something very different when you say the word “reefer.”

But you can be sure that the moss-backs (there’s another unique word!) are using the same texting, messaging and surfing methods that you are.

ACS Advertising has covered in our own communication with clients how today’s media has gone from a one-way message (an ad or billboard) to a two-way conversation (blog posts, tweets, chats etc.). If you think of how you communicate in your own life, off the job, you’ll see that this change is pervasive. How many of you text your teens rather than dialing their cell number? How many people find out about a family event via a Facebook post.

The point is that when you’re communicating with your employees and your driving force, think of how you like communicate. Your brand message is for people, not for an industry.

You don’t want drivers to “Like” your page because they already love your brand. As the global director of emerging media at Newswire said, when it comes to social media, people share something because they like their friends and want to share something special with them.

Just think of how that could impact your recruiting message if your blog or Facebook page was shared with all your drivers’ friends and their friends.

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