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Driver Recruiting & Retention State of the Industry

Hiring and retaining drivers in today’s market is keeping trucking executives up at night. The industry is facing the perfect storm when it comes to hiring and retaining drivers, and taking on the challenge is daunting.

Are you currently struggling with hiring and retaining drivers, and have you formulated a strategy to tackle the challenge?

Download our latest White Paper that navigates the driver recruiting and retention state of the industry, why it has become the hottest topic of the day for fleet executives, and evaluates some common oversights and miscalculations fleets are making when it comes to hiring and retaining drivers today.

This white paper explores how the numbers are staggering; how the digital revolution has changed everything; how evaluating your recruiting department is vital to survival; how the lack of ownership for driver retention within fleets is toxic to the organization; and how driver orientation shouldn’t be painful.


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