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Facebook is Gaining Ground in Driver Recruiting Strategy

Last year, we ended the year with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) leading the pack in cost-per-hire performance in driver recruiting. As we wrap up the first quarter of 2017, SEM still reigns, but Facebook is gaining ground, and we have a hunch the largest social media platform could challenge other digital media strategy in cost-per-hire performance as the year continues.

Why is Facebook gaining ground? The platform continues to evolve and provide new opportunities to target potential drivers both within the channel itself and additional avenues to drive leads to your landing pages. Recently, Facebook launched Facebook Jobs, which provides opportunities for brands to formally share job postings within Facebook (similar to sites like Craigslist and LinkedIN). This makes Facebook a one-stop shop for the passive and active job seeker.

In addition, carriers now have options like Facebook Lead Ads, which auto-populate the driver’s information from their Facebook profile and keep the user in the Facebook platform. Another strategy available is Facebook Messenger ads. These ads are starting conversations with drivers within the social media channel, expediting driver engagement with your brand.

As always, we’re watching the data and trends relating to all of these new strategies, and we won’t be surprised if the data continues to show Facebook gaining ground in cost-per-hire for carriers of all sizes.

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