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Global Savings in Job Board Placement

When we begin working with a new client, evaluating current recruitment advertising marketing and advertising is one of the first tasks we tackle. In this instance, our client was placing hundreds of thousands of dollars on job board placement, so our task was to centralize their job board placement, create a job board advertising strategy that resulted in hires, AND reduce the budget in the process.


Support the centralization of a Fortune 100 recruiting team’s job board placement and iMedia mix while providing better hiring results.


The ACS Advertising team worked with the organization’s individual Human Resource teams in multiple global locations to project specific hiring needs and requirements. A new iMedia strategy was developed that included more tactical job board placement and a process for measuring results of the overall iMedia campaign.


ACS Advertising saved the organization over $185K in job board placement advertising, while providing more iMedia services than before, which led to more hires for the company.

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On May 18, 2017, positioning seo services said:

When we start work with a new client, we evaluate the current recruitment advertising marketing and advertising is one of the first tasks to solve. In this case, our client for job placement of hundreds of thousands of dollars, so our task is to place their job board accepted a job as a result of the centralization of the placement of advertising strategy was to reduce the budget process and to the Board.

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