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How Do Empty Trucks Impact Your Business?

By: Priscilla Peters, Marketing Director, ACS Advertising

We’re heading to the Great American Truck Show this week, and as usual dozens of carriers will be on-hand trying to recruit drivers and owner-operators to join their fleet. While it’s often tough for carriers to stomach the cost of recruitment advertising, it’s even more painful to consider the cost of the empty trucks sitting on the fence.

Let’s do the math. On average, a fleet loses $550 per day for every empty truck that is not operating. That’s $3,850 a week and $15,400 a month in lost revenue. Starting to feel a little queasy? We agree! The numbers get even more frightening when you begin to multiply them by the number of empty trucks in your fleet. A carrier with 25 empty trucks is losing $385,000 monthly in revenue, and those with 50 empty trucks are losing $770,000 monthly.

Once you do the math, you realize the investment you make in recruitment advertising and marketing can significantly affect your bottom line. The question really isn’t can we afford to invest in recruitment advertising and marketing, it’s can we afford NOT to?

Come see us at GATS this week at booth #20160 and let’s discuss how we can help you fill your empty trucks. We’ll see you in Dallas!

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