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How to Build an Effective Driver Recruitment Strategy

Think of your driver recruitment brand as a party - maybe it’s fun and rowdy, or maybe it’s low-key and chill. No matter what type of brand voice you have, building a driver recruitment strategy starts and ends with the driver lead funnel. The party starts with inviting drivers into your brand at the top of the funnel and ends with handing out the party favors when the driver is hired.

If your driver recruitment brand is the party – we’d like to think of ourselves as your party planner.

At Conversion Interactive Agency, when we build a customized driver recruitment strategy, we focus on the three main phases of the driver lead funnel:

  1. The Awareness Phase: This includes broad messaging inviting potential drivers into your brand. During this phase, we track specific key-performance indicators (KPIs) like impressions, clicks, click-through-rates, new sessions, return sessions, cost-per-click, and traffic locations.
  2. The Consideration Phase: This phase includes narrowing down the messaging to share different opportunities and target drivers who have shown their interest previously. In this phase, some of the KPIs we track include cost-per-visit, bounce rate, session time, content opt-ins, and average pages-per-session.
  3. The Conversion Phase: This is the phase most recruiters prefer to focus on, but without the top of the funnel, the pipeline will not flow. In this phase, we are focused on exact job targeting and messaging to the driver with the specific job opportunity they are interested in. We follow KPIs like cost-per-lead, cost-per-hire, conversion rate and lead locations in this phase.

Focusing on all three phases of the driver lead funnel leads to building a healthy pipeline of prospective drivers and exceeding your hiring goals.

Ready to plan that party? Let’s chat!

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