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How to Increase Attendance at Your Truck Driver Recruiting Event

One of the oldest recruiting strategies in the business, truck driver recruiting events, serve as a targeted way to hire drivers in areas where you need it most. Invite potential truck drivers to a terminal or offsite location, offer lunch, do Q & A, and make offers on the spot. Hiring events allow recruiters to hire multiple drivers at once, effectively giving a big push to any terminal that has multiple empty trucks. With these events, drivers can get a more personalized interview experience, ask questions in a relaxed setting, and learn more about potential career opportunities at your company.

While truck driver recruiting events are often a successful strategy, the secret to their success lies in the planning. With extra effort before the event, you can ensure a greater turnout and fewer no shows. Before you plan your next truck driver recruiting event, use these 4 tips to boost attendance.

  1. Pick a convenient location. It sounds simple enough, but make sure to pick a location that’s central and easy to get to for your attendees. If your terminal is outside of the city (and inconvenient to most drivers you hire), consider having it at an event space closer to town. If a RSVP’d driver is on the fence about attending, the location may be the ultimate deciding factor on the day of. Above all, make sure the event is in an accessible area where you know drivers live.

  2. Use Indeed Hiring Events to streamline RSVPs. Launched in 2018, Indeed Hiring Events are a new offering where you can use Indeed’s platform to encourage sign ups. When doing an Indeed Hiring Event, you’ll create a landing page for drivers to RSVP and answer a few prequalifying questions. The landing page is then promoted across Indeed’s site, appearing to job seekers when they’re looking for open positions. The landing page will give the attendee all the basic information they’ll need before the event, including how to prepare, what to wear and how to get to the event.

  3. Promote it on your social media accounts. Once you have a hiring event landing page created, share it on your various social media accounts. Post it on your Facebook and Instagram pages, sharing details about the event and encourage followers to share the link with those that may be interested. Take advantage of the following you already have on social and spread the word. For a relatively low budget, you can also sponsor the social post in order to reach a bigger audience.

  4. Reach out to your RSVP list early. As soon as drivers begin signing up for the event, start reaching out. Give them a call to ask further prequalifying questions and share how excited your team is to see them. Following up with the driver before the event will help decrease your no-show rate, and help the driver feel more prepared coming into the hiring event.

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On Jan 03, 2019, Janice said:

Indeed Hiring Events was amazing! They brought so many people to my event. Was a complete game changer.

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