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How Understanding Trucking Blogs Can Aid Your Driver Recruiting Strategies

When truck drivers are up-to-date on their shows, none of their favorite teams are on the field, and they have exhausted all forms of social media, they often turn to reading blogs. Keeping up with trends and continually gaining knowledge within your field is typical and encouraged in any industry, and professional truck drivers are no different.

For drivers to ensure they are getting the trucking information they need, they turn to a specific set of blogs that focus on all things trucking. Knowing the blogs truck drivers are turning to can work wonders for your driver recruitment strategies in a time where finding a qualified driver can seem like an ever-challenging task. If you are unsure of where to start, simply searching “Truck Driving Blogs” into a search engine will yield pages upon pages of results; however, listed below are a few types of blogs that we feel capture the trucking industry well while continuing to respect drivers for what they mean to our economy. So, whether you’re searching for blog posts to share in your content or looking for the types of blog posts to include on your brand’s blog, these can help.

These are just a few blog topics that drivers turn to when seeking content online.

  1. Custom Rigs/Truck Photos: What truck driver will pass on a gallery of photos of vintage and custom rigs? Maybe it’s a baby blue Kenworth cabover that has every chrome part you can imagine, or a gallery from MATS 2018 that a driver can look through for hours. Appreciating vintage and late-model, beautiful rigs will always be something truckers will partake in.

  2. New Regulations/Infrastructure Changes: Staying up-to-date on all the laws and regulations that are moving forward in the trucking industry is key for drivers. Without knowing where and when new rules go into effect, drivers could be driving blindly with respect to legislation. In addition to knowing regulation changes, drivers also must stay up-to-date on roads and highways that are being renovated or reconfigured. A safe and quick route is a happy route, but sometimes change happens that adds time to a driver’s haul. If this is the case, a driver must do his or her research in advance to always be prepared for the road ahead.

  3. Driving Tips: If you are not continually learning and perfecting your craft, you are going to get left behind. No matter how many miles a driver logs, there will always be a new challenge ahead. There are many blogs out there that give tips on how to perfect the professional driver craft. Whether it’s a blog about how to keep the cab organized or tips on winter weather driving, these blogs are pivotal for drivers to be prepared for every situation they may encounter on the road.

Some of our favorite blogs for truck drivers include:

CDL Life Blog

Trucker Path Blog

All Truck Jobs Blog

It is essential for trucking companies to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Staying in tune with a variety of trucking blogs will allow carriers to gather truck driver appreciation ideas, understand key driver turnover factors, and, hopefully, further your knowledge of what it takes to recruit and retain truck drivers well.

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