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I Have a Lot to Say, But No One is Listening

By Lori Furnell, ACS Advertising Social Media Strategist

Do you ever feel like you are talking, but no one is there? Social media allows you to have “two-way” conversations with your target market. That’s right, you talk to them, and they answer back.

Traditional marketing pushes out a message, often with a call to action, to your target. If your target audience calls you or visits you online, then you are a success. Social media doesn’t work that way. It asks, probes, invites your target market to engage.

Here are four basic tips to engaging your audience:

  1. Ask– Really, it is that simple. Ask your audience easy questions that make your audience feel comfortable. For example, if you have a blog about truck driving, you may ask your audience to share a safe driving tip. Drivers will respond and engagement will follow suit.
  2. Engage– If someone talks to you, acknowledge them. It is all about using good manners. If someone entered your home, would you ignore them? No, you would welcome them into your home. It works the same way on social media channels. By responding, you are encouraging engagementamong your fan base. It’s all about rewarding the behavior you want to see repeated.
  3. Post Often – If you don’t post often, how can you expect people to visit your site on a regular basis? You have to post relevant content often to keep your audience interested. Monitor your Facebook and Twitter pages daily to ensure comments are addressed in a timely manner. By responding quickly, you can establish a connection with your audience and grow your followers.
  4. Personality, Personality, Personality– Just like location is the key in real estate, showing your personality is a must in the social media world. Don’t be afraid to use a more casual tone, just make sure it reflects your corporate image. Social media fans can smell a corporate P.R. executive a mile away, so every day language is a must. Remaining authentic reaps the greatest social media results.

What have you tried to engage your audience? What has been successful? I know you have a lot to say…I’m listening.

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