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Lacking the budget – but need results?  Go guerilla.

Do you find yourself in a pressure cooker with little resources? Join the club. These days we’re all working with minimal budgets and HIGH expectations. Are you lacking the budget, but needing results – and now? My advice – go guerilla.

For recruiters looking to jump start your referral program, beef up leads, or simply tackle a task like increasing your traffic at an upcoming trade show, consider the following five guerilla marketing strategies.

  1. Create your own calendar – Don’t swim past this one! Calendars are a dime a dozen, right? But if you provide your team, your employees, potential hires, and any other relevant players with a calendar highlighting your own key dates – you can put the calendar to work for you. Obviously include the basics in the calendar – company anniversary, dates for company events, trade shows etc. – but you might even create your own events like “Referral Week” or “Facebook Forum Week” for employees and others to get involved.
  2. Everybody loves t-shirts – it’s true. Give away t-shirts and they will come! Whatever your cause – driving referrals, increasing traffic at trade shows, showing appreciation to employees for a job well done to support your retention goals – you can’t go wrong with giving away a t-shirt. Build your brand and make someone happy with a new addition to their wardrobe.
  3. Partnerships – Is there a new restaurant that just opened in your area? And you’ve been looking for a great way to give your team a pat on the back for their hard work, while supporting your retention goals? Team up with a local restaurant at any of your company locations and ask them to provide the grub, while you throw a celebration for your team, your potential hires wanting to know more about your company, or potential customers in your area. Partnerships that benefit both companies are a great idea for a win-win result for both companies.
  4. Make a slow news day work for you – When local media are having slow news days, organizations can take advantage of coverage from the media. Build relationships with assignment editors from media outlets in your area, and feed them coverage options relating to your organization. Pretty soon, you’ll be their go-to guy for content on a slow day.
  5. Test drive – Trying to hire talent and want to let your potential hires know what it’s like to work for your organization. Create a “day-in-the-life” video of one of your employees – your very own spin on “The Office,” but without the quirks of Michael Scott and Dwight. Post the video on your social media pages to provide a light-hearted approach to informing folks about what it’s like working for your organization.

When it comes to working with tight budgets and getting creative with how you approach your recruitment advertising and marketing, guerilla marketing can work wonders. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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