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LeadFlex: Recruitment Marketing Strategy Redefined

The LeadFlex recruitment marketing platform was developed to help carriers grow traffic, convert leads, manage jobs and engage with your target markets all from one platform. At its core, LeadFlex is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly platform that streamlines the truck drivers’ experience and allows carriers to take advantage of a number of features that make generating leads more efficient and manageable. The strategy employed through LeadFlex allows carriers to reach potential truck drivers as they search, engage, and interact online.

LeadFlex 3
LeadFlex 3

LeadFlex is more than just a hub for drivers to view jobs and apply to your company - its main focus is to improve the driver experience. One new innovation we have introduced recently is the ability to pull in your company’s reviews from sites like Google, Indeed and Glassdoor into your LeadFlex site. Positive brand reputation is key in today’s recruitment strategy - especially online where job seekers can easily find out more about your company. Having your reviews and review scores front and center shows your company is being transparent and means a driver doesn’t have to go off-site to search for them themselves.

The data we receive from LeadFlex is key to building an overall successful recruitment plan. Our Digital Media team develops strategies based on the analytics that come through the site. The team provides recommendations and optimizations on media spend by analyzing this data. All of this information filters into our real-time data command center, LeadLink. Being armed with data throughout the entire driver journey allows the Conversion Interactive Agency team to offer intricate and unique recruitment strategies.

At Conversion Interactive Agency, our experts understand how search engines work - adhering to the best principles of SEO and SEM strategies to push high quality leads to your job postings. The team performs keyword research, focusing on improving your conversion rate and driving top talent to your jobs - this means more savings for you. We focus on conversion rate optimization, responsive mobile-friendly site design, lightning-fast load times and visible call-to-actions. This all works together to drive qualified candidates down the funnel and into the hands of your recruiters.

There are many new and exciting innovations coming to LeadFlex in the near future. Our UX Committee is busy preparing the latest designs and features. Stay tuned to our Social Media channels and blog to get the latest news about LeadFlex.

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