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Manage Your Brand

By: Priscilla Peters, Marketing Director, TripPak SERVICES® & ACS Advertising

Every organization represents a brand. No matter how big, how small, how impactful, how simple or how complex your organization may be, your company is a brand. Whether you’re focused on growing your business, hiring quality talent to carry out your vision or just maintaining the market share you currently have, managing your brand effectively is vital to the survival of your organization.

Five simple strategies to employ when it comes to brand management include:

  1. Tell Your Story – Be sure your organization identifies with your brand on every level. If you’re sending the message that you’re a formal, “by the book” company, but in reality your organization has a laid back, easygoing culture, you’re sending the wrong message. Your brand and how you promote that brand should tell the story of your organization and promote the character of your company.
  2. Set Guidelines – Making sure everyone in your organization is on the same page when it comes to using your company’s brand is Brand Management 101. Specific branding guidelines should be outlined and followed by anyone who touches your brand. If you establish the rules of the brand, there isn’t a question on usage.
  3. Represent & Repeat – It’s a numbers game. The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to connect with it. I doubt Coca-Cola gets tired of seeing their brand on every can they make, every ball park sign the company sponsors and every worldwide event they host. And neither do we. There’s a reason it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world – you can’t avoid it.
  4. Use Variety in Your Brand’s Dialogue – Promote your brand through a variety of strategic media and marketing. Consider your target markets when identifying the dialogue you employ for your brand. Consider how you gain information, insight and learn about products, services and organizations, and use that in your brand management efforts. Learning from how other brands are successful can also be beneficial for managing your brand.
  5. Audit & Assess Your Brand – Be deliberate in promoting your brand – but also be sure your strategy is successful. Measurement and analysis of the impact your marketing and advertising is having on your brand is vital to the success of your organization. Needless dollars are spent every day on branding strategies that just don’t make a difference. Assess the status of your brand, and know what impacts it most.

Brand management is and should always be an evolution in your organization’s goals and objectives. With effective brand management, companies identify with their target markets and ultimately grow their business.

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