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Milestone Marketplace | Truck Driver Retention from Conversion Interactive Agency

Truck driver retention is top of mind for every transportation company. Keeping the best and the brightest drivers is critical to providing the top-quality customer service every trucking company desires, but keeping good drivers is becoming harder each year. Milestone Marketplace from Conversion Interactive Agency is designed to not only help you recruit the cream of the crop, but also keep highly qualified drivers from leaving, reducing your turnover rate.

Driver Turnover Statistics

According to Trucking Info, turnover at trucking fleets in Q4 of 2014 was 96 percent. Reasons for the turnover include growing freight volumes, regulatory pressures and normal attrition, with industry experts predicting the problem is expected to get worse over the next few years. Transportation companies cannot eliminate regulatory pressures, and it is difficult for them to reduce freight volumes as the driver shortage continues. Therefore, they must seek other methods to encourage a good truck driver to remain with the company.

Motivate, Recognize and Reward

One of the best ways to retain a truck driver is through motivation, recognition and rewards. There is no question that everyone wants to be recognized for a job well done, and, although it goes a long way, a simple “thank you” may not be enough to keep a good driver with the company. Therefore, providing exceptional drivers with rewards is one of the best ways to make them feel special and appreciated. That is where Milestone Marketplace can help.

What is Milestone Marketplace?

Milestone Marketplace from Conversion Interactive Agency is a web-based solution that maximizes any incentive program, whether it is based on recognition, safety or loyalty. The program is customizable and allows a truck driver or other staff member to turn incentive points into rewards. There are more than 150 brands of prizes to choose from so that participants can search by brand, category, point values or keyword. In addition to the benefits to employees, the program offers easily measured ROI, so you can see how well it is working on a monthly basis. Each participant uses their own ID or password to log in and is welcomed not only with their own name, but also with a message from you about the milestone they reached.

If you have been searching for ways to retain your best truck drivers, Milestone Marketplace is an excellent addition to your incentive program. Reduce the turnover at your company by rewarding the best and the brightest in your fleet. Learn more about the program on our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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