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MOBILE – Where It’s At

By Julie McReynolds, Account Executive, ACS Advertising

According to statistics, about 65% of the US population will own either a smart phone or a tablet by 2015. That number is roughly over 200 million people. As of May 2011, one in three US consumers (76.8 million) has a smartphone. As of April 2011, over 40% of truck drivers carry personal smart phones.

What does that mean for your business? Mobile is where it’s at. Today, the average person searches for information on their smart phone rather than going to a laptop or desktop computer, which means if your website isn’t mobilized, you are missing out on traffic to your company website and recruiting opportunities.

If you attended the 2012 Recruitment & Retention Conference last week, you heard about the latest innovative strategies related to mobile marketing and advertising and how that relates to your recruitment strategy. Mobilizing your web sites can’t be ignored any longer.

Taking your web presence mobile is simple. Let us help.

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