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New & Improved | LeadFlex 2.0 from Conversion Interactive Agency

Conversion Interactive Agency is excited about the release of LeadFlex 2.0, the next generation of our digital media offering. The digital platform is search engine optimized and designed to streamline the driver experience while allowing carriers to generate leads more efficiently.

New Features in LeadFlex 2.0

LeadFlex 2.0 now includes social job sharing, responsive landing page design, job search functionality, job posting features and more to enhance the user experience. The foundation of the program is the carrier’s landing page, but there are now back-end integration and features that allow for the integration of Facebook pages, job postings and the ability to share driving opportunities on different social channels. The upgrade includes a responsive site design and a lead management portal with radius search. In addition, there is a jobs tab and posting feature as well as social job sharing option.

Benefits for Drivers

Drivers applying with carriers who use LeadFlex 2.0 benefit from the upgrades also with the new, streamlined experience, making it easier for them to find available positions. Drivers can find job posting on carrier Facebook pages, or they can perform job searches that lead them directly to driver opportunities within the carrier’s landing page. In addition, drivers can share job postings with others who may be in search of a position through social media and are able to opt-in to SMS campaigns as well.

Benefits for Carriers

Carriers are able to reach potential drivers easily as drivers search, engage, text and interact in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Conversion Interactive Agency’s LeadFlex 2.0 allows carriers to generate leads more efficiently and with more manageability. Because carriers can integrate their Facebook page, post jobs and share opportunities on social channels by simply using LeadFlex 2.0, drivers are more likely to see the positions they have available and take advantage of those postings.

Conversion Interactive Agency’s LeadFlex 2.0 is available in Basic, Pro and Pro Plus versions, all of which offer significant benefits to both drivers and carriers. To learn more about Conversion Interactive Agency and the new features available in LeadFlex 2.0, visit our website or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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