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Private, but not too Private

Have you ever Googled yourself? Were the results what you expected? Did your Facebook page, Twitter page or LinkedIn profile come up in the search results? There are many reasons to concern yourself with privacy settings, from professional reasons to protecting your personal information. It is important to remember that social networks are a very valuable part of today’s culture for both personal and business reasons. However, we must not forget that we are responsible for being in control of our online privacy.

Every social network has privacy policies and settings. You should familiarize yourself with them thoroughly. Privacy settings are there to give you control. Sometimes people do not realize that often the default settings are not enough. Many online networks, like Facebook, are built around the premise of interacting with others. For this reason the default settings are not very strict. Even sites like LinkedIn may opt you into sharing more info than you’d like. The great thing is that these networks make controlling your privacy very easy. With just a few quick changes to your settings you can ensure that you are in control of your online presence. If you are still apprehensive, just remember the one rule of thumb: if you don’t want it to be found, then don’t put it online.

On the flip side, is your business easy to find on all the social sites? In an age where brands and companies have the opportunity to interact with their customers through online communities, you need to be easy to find. Generally, we suggest having a presence on the four main social spaces: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. It is important to post content frequently enough to stay relevant, yet infrequently enough not to become annoying. In these spaces, content is king and quality definitely wins over quantity. Don’t forget to utilize a customized, or vanity URL to make it even simpler.

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Leah Mackey, Social Media Manager

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