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Recruiting Across Generations

By: Erin Young, Director of Client Services, ACS Advertising

When it comes to recruiting strategies, it’s important to keep in mind different generations and how to reach those generations through your recruiting and retention plans. After all, you wouldn’t reach the Baby Boomer generation the same as the “Generation Y” target market. So, how do you break it all down? Here are some tips on looking at different generations and implementing recruiting strategies that fit each.

First of all we must compare the different generations and define them specifically. We typically break down the generations in four categories:

Traditionalists – Born 1927-1945. These are typically hardworking, loyal and submissive individuals. They are most commonly technologically-challenged and traditional in their core values.

Baby Boomers – Born 1946-1964. These are typically individuals who are focused on their work, very independent, goal oriented and competitive by nature.

Generation X – Born 1965-1980. These folks are typically individualist, technologically adept, very flexible, and they value a work/life balance.

Generation Y – Born 1980+. These individuals tend to be tech savvy, family and team oriented, achievement focused, and they crave recognition and attention.

So, how do we strategically recruit across these generations?

Traditionalists – 95% of this generation is retired from the work force. However, recruiting is best done through traditional mediums such as newspaper advertising or simple referral programs.

Baby Boomers – Referral programs and telephone/sourcing strategies work best for individuals in this generation.

Generation X – Internet job boards, E-blasts, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and primarily web-based strategies are best for targeting this group.

Generation Y – Internet job boards are also a good strategy for this group, but mobile marketing and social network marketing are very impactful in reaching this generation.

One plan fits all for marketing strategies for your recruiting and retention needs are not effective in reaching your target markets. Keep in mind generational marketing and how you want to reach those who will make a good fit for your organization.

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