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R&R 2015 Kicks off in Nashville

We kicked off the 12th Annual Recruiting & Retention Conference today in Nashville, Tennessee, with hundreds of recruiting and retention professional attendees. This one-of-a-kind annual event allows carriers the opportunity to explore innovative ways to stand out in the trucking industry, appeal to drivers and maintain driver relationships, and learn about the latest tools and resources available in the industry. The morning started out with a general session with speaker Keni Thomas, a former “Blackhawk Down” mission army ranger. Sergeant Thomas shared stories and practical tips to help us find and retain the best drivers. We found his talk inspiring and we hope you were able to take away some great ideas about leading a team and creating innovative strategies for engaging with your drivers.

After the morning general session, several workshops were offered throughout the day. Our own Lori Furnell, Conversion Interactive Agency vice president of business development, and Priscilla Peters, VP of Marketing & Training, held an intensive workshop titled “Building Credibility with Your Executive Team.” In this workshop, Furnell and Peters discussed ways carriers could measure key performance indicators, communicate data to managers and provide helpful information about recruiting to an executive team. They also had attendees participate in several exercises to help them utilize the information discussed. In the “Hiring Our Heroes: Techniques for Recruiting from the Military” workshop, co-founder of FASTPORT Jim Ray shared some best practices from industry leaders to becoming a career destination for veterans and how to help them transition into commercial driving, mechanic and leadership roles. Megan Younkin, a consultant from Strategic Programs, talked to us about how to use information and actionable data collected from driver feedback in her workshop called “You Have Driver Feedback…Now What?: Turning Data Into Actionable Steps.” Other workshop sessions were: “Game Changing Recruiting & Retention Strategies,” “Driver Retention - When Does It Start?”, “Drivers and Recruiters - You Have to Pay to Play,” “The Impact of New Media on the Recruiting Process,” “Improving Retention with Fleet Management Technology,” “Stop Screening Drivers. Start Qualifying Them,” “Coaching Technology: Tools and Strategies for Attaining Retention Results,” “Avoiding Legal Landmines: Common Missteps in the Recruitment & Hiring Process,” and “Driver Satisfaction: Why They Tell Us They Stay, Why They Tell Us They Leave.”

The first day of this year’s Recruitment & Retention conference was so informative and interesting. We’re looking forward to hearing from some more industry experts tomorrow!

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