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R&R Conference Attendance Discussed by Jeff Mason

Jeff Mason has several reasons to be excited for the 13th Annual Recruitment and Retention Conference, scheduled for February 10 through 12, 2016 at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. As the executive vice-president of communications and public affairs at the American Trucking Associations communications division and the publisher of Transport Topics, Jeff is well aware of the benefits provided by this valuable event.

Established Industry Event

“One of the reasons we decided to team up with Conversion Interactive for this event is because it is a well-known, useful event that’s been going on for 12 years,” Jeff said. “This is an established event that brings people together to talk about important issues in the trucking industry.” Jeff said that Transport Topics was honored to co-host this year’s R&R Conference with Conversion Interactive to bring more attention to the truck driver recruitment and retention issue, because “Conversion Interactive is made up of professionals, and it was a great partnership for an event like this.“

Carrier Attendance

Jeff cites one of the reasons carriers should plan to attend the R&R Conference is the ability to network with peers and industry professionals in order to learn better recruitment and retention practices. Jeff believes carriers that attend the conference will position themselves to better address the growing driver shortage and find solutions to keep the drivers they already have. “This is a place where attendees can network with their peers as well as industry professionals to learn solutions that are working to recruit and retain drivers.” The driver shortage is critical, and it is important for carriers to address the issues related to demographics, the unique lifestyle of a truck driver and other issues that have led to the shortage of drivers that exist today.

Plagues the Industry as a Whole

Jeff says that the driver shortage plagues the industry as a whole, not just certain trucking segments. He shares that in surveys conducted by ATA, recruitment and retention were one of the biggest problems carriers face. In his opinion, finding qualified drivers will continue to be a difficult challenge, and he believes that “finding the solution through better communications, better employee engagement and driver engagement will help retain the drivers that you have.” Jeff says that the recruiting process costs an average of $10,000 per new driver, so gaining additional tips at the R&R Conference on retaining the drivers could be a huge money saver for carriers.

“Whether you’re a flatbed hauler, a refrigerated hauler, or hazardous waste, tank trucks - finding and keeping the best drivers is critical. That’s why attending this event will give you the tools you need to take back to your company to help find and retain the better drivers.”

At Conversion Interactive Agency, we are proud to co-host this year’s R&R Conference with Transport Topics. We know that those in attendance will receive valuable tips on recruitment and retention that will help them attract the most qualified drivers and retain those they already have. Learn more about Conversion Interactive Agency online or find us on social media.

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