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The Best & The Most

By: Kevin Robinson, ACS Advertising Creative Director

When you are driving down the road listening to the radio and a commercial comes on and it is screaming at you about being the best “this” or “that” — do you believe it?

Or if you are walking through the grocery store and you see a package that says that it is the “Best” [cereal, detergent, you name it]…do you buy it?

I’m going to assume two things. No, you don’t buy it merely because it said that, and, no, it’s probably not really the “best.”

This same philosophy is consistently applied to a lot of advertising in our industry, and the truth is, it does not do you any good. Potential hires are inundated with “We have the best” messages daily, even hourly at times, and they have become callous to them—and rightfully so. We all are.

This same thing can be said about “The Most” statements.
• the most miles
• the most pay
• the most home time

Now, there may be some companies out there with actual metrics that can support such a message and that is great. But, if you choose to use that as the main focus of your effort, you are still running a risk of having a potential hire pass you by, simply because those messages are so over-saturated in the market.

The moral of the story is: Don’t try to be the best, or the most—just be who you are. Tell YOUR story. Talk with others in your organization about what it is that you offer that is truly unique and valuable and use that as a starting point for your next creative initiative.

Let’s get to work on crafting an approach that works for you!

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