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The Driver Recruiting Crystal Ball

By: Priscilla Peters, Marketing Director ACS Advertising

It’s completely understandable that those who live in the trenches of driver recruiting today are overwhelmed with the current challenge of attracting and hiring the right drivers. Keeping up with the latest solutions and strategies to connect with drivers today is vital, but what will tomorrow look like? If we’re changing the way we communicate and reach drivers, what does the driver recruiting crystal ball reveal about how we will recruit in the future?

  1. Mobile is Here to Stay – Mobile usage is growing by double digits year over year, which simply put, means a mobile strategy is not an option – it’s a requirement if you want to be part of the conversation. At the very least, carriers have no choice but to create mobilized web sites with mobile applications for drivers. After all, drivers are searching for a fleet to drive for from their mobile device – so NOT having a mobilized site completely removes your fleet as an option.
  2. Digital Communication Tools – With the advancement of mobile communication tools, carriers are beginning to conduct interviews, do pre-screening for drivers and even communicate to potential hires in a more personal way through Skype, FaceTime and other digital communication tools. Meeting your drivers for the first time on your computer screen or mobile device is a reality.
  3. First Impressions – Your first impression is no longer the front door of your headquarters or terminal location. The first glimpse a driver will most likely have of your company will come from an online search. So, be sure your online listings are up-to-date and accurate. Google Places and Bing Business, among others, should be optimized and reviewed often for accuracy. You only have one chance to leave a first impression – make it count.
  4. Tracking & Measurement – Call reporting has become yesterday’s way of tracking and measuring your driver recruiting strategy. As mobile and digital strategies become more effective in reaching drivers, tracking will expand dramatically into more analytical data for online applications, lead management and measured sentiment from social and digital strategies implemented.

While none of us has the crystal ball for what tomorrow’s driver recruiting landscape will look like, we can be confident today’s technology is changing the way you reach your target market.

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