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The Game Plan

By: Kendra Rodgers, Account Group Director, ACS Advertising

I am continually amazed at what a great metaphor sports is for so many other aspects of life. I think the reason for that is that sports incorporates the triumph of spirit in all of its storylines. Every success and every failure is centered on someone’s abilities or weaknesses and the choices they make to either overcome the odds or to allow them to fall victim to the odds.

In the end, the determining factor of success lies in the numbers – RBIs, rushing yards, homeruns, goals, free throw percentages, interceptions, strikeouts – you name it, they have a number for it. My question is this. If that much effort is spent to analyze entertainment, shouldn’t at least that much effort go into analyzing your business?

Granted, many businesses have accounting departments and C-level executives that understand all of those spreadsheet X’s and O’s. But what about the people out there on the front lines? A pitcher doesn’t go on the mound without a scouting report on the lineup. An offense doesn’t take the football field without watching hours of film on the opposing defense. Let’s take a lesson from our favorite pastimes and have our own triumph of spirit story.

Tracking the results of your recruiting efforts is the key to the success of your recruiting department. As they say, knowledge is power. The following is a list of important information to know and share with any partners you have in your recruiting efforts. Some of this can be gained from your ATS, some from your agency (if you use one) and some from talking with your recruiters. All of it needs to be looked at together to tell the complete story.

  1. Digital Advertising (includes Pay Per Click, Remarketing, E-blasts, Job Boards, Banner Ads)
    1. a. Impressions/Views
    2. b. Clicks
    3. c. Lead forms submitted
    4. d. Applications submitted
    5. e. Open rates
    6. f. Phone calls
    7. g. Website traffic sources
    8. h. Percentage of mobile traffic to your website

  2. Print Advertising
    1. a. Phone calls
    2. b. QR code scans

  3. Newspaper Advertising – Phone calls
  4. Radio – Phone calls
  5. Public Relations
    1. a. Unique visitors/views
    2. b. Publicity Value (in dollars)
    3. c. # Publications running the release
    4. d. Phone calls

  6. Social Media
    1. a. # Followers/Likes
    2. b. Reach
    3. c. Phone calls
    4. d. Engagement

  7. Applicant Tracking
    1. a. Total apps received
    2. b. Status of apps
    3. c. Recruiter activity on apps
    4. d. Ad source for apps
    5. e. Conversion rate from leads to hires

Whichever recruiting tools you use to get your message out to drivers, don’t forget to play the entire game by looking at the numbers. The numbers are the only way you will know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it’s not the medium itself, but the way it’s being used. Numbers tell the story and the better you track, the more complete your story is.

Now get out there, and let’s win this game!

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