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The life of an ad: How long should you use your advertising campaign? (part I)

By: Beverly Ringstaff, ACS Advertising Creative Manager

McDonald’s has been using the slogan “I’m lovin’ it” for nine years. NINE. Does that surprise you? It kind of surprised me. I knew it had been a while, but almost a decade? That is a long time.

As an advertising writer, I can’t help but analyze advertisements wherever they are. Drives my family crazy. In this case I was wondering when McDonald’s would be changing that campaign again.

But if you apply the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage, you can see why it would make sense to continue running a campaign until it stopped working. The key is knowing when and where it’s working so you can make effective decisions about how long to run an ad or continue a campaign.

When you consider your recruitment advertising, it is crucial…vital… indispensable that you track and measure the results of your efforts. I was tired of I’m lovin’ it a long time ago but clearly it still works.

You may, as the person who approved your current advertising campaign, be totally sick of it but think about this: You’ve been looking at it and analyzing it before the public ever got a look at it. If you take yourself out of that picture and rely on your results, you could find that you’re tired of a campaign that has built up steam and is really beginning to show results.

If you don’t have a tracking system, give us a call at ACS Advertising and we can talk to you about tracking all of your printed and online ads as well as your Social Media activity. You will be able to see exactly where your advertising dollars are working for you – talk about lovin’ it.

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