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The Power of Social Media During A Pandemic

If you would have asked the general population at the beginning of 2020 what they expected their year to look like, it probably would have gone a little something like this:

“2020 is going to be MY year!”

Now, the world is experiencing something that many could never have imagined. As our nation marches on during a pandemic, many are left spending an increased amount of time on cellphones and computers looking for more entertainment, experiences, and news resources.

Internet usage has seen a huge uptick over the past few months. The New York Times has been monitoring the increase in website and app usage since the COVID-19 outbreak. Major platforms such as Facebook have seen a 27% increase on desktop usage and Netflix has seen a 16% increase. Forbes recorded a 70% increase in overall internet usage just within the month of March.

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve focused on two questions: “How can a company take advantage of their online presence to be a resource for drivers?” and “How can Conversion Interactive Agency be the best resource for our clients during this time?”

In these uncertain times, drivers are searching for a reliable source of information. On top of that, they are looking to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy news sources on social media. Conversion Interactive Agency has seen consistently positive engagement from our clients’ social media posts that provide transparent industry news regarding COVID-19.

As drivers spend more time on social media, they are also looking for causes to support. Many of our clients and industry peers have gotten behind the hashtag, #ThankATrucker. With tensions running high, it is vital to give recognition to those working on the frontlines of this pandemic.

And finally, internet usage has gone up because people need positivity. The news can be scary for many, and some people need a little distraction from it all. ConversionIA’s social media marketing strategists have mastered the perfect blend of industry news, engaging content, and bringing a little laughter into their content mix.

Want to know more about how Conversion Interactive Agency can transform your social media presence? Let’s chat.

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