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Three Tips for High-Volume Truck Driver Recruiters

If you ask me, recruiters are the unsung heroes of the entire trucking industry! Think about it. Truck Driver Recruiters are expected to be enthusiastic brand-ambassadors in every single interaction they have with a driver. They’re responsible for creating and maintaining a sense of urgency throughout the entire hiring process. They’re under constant pressure to hire more drivers than they did last week, last month, and last year. When you consider the current driver shortage and an industry turnover average approaching 100%, high-volume recruiting is more necessary, and more challenging than ever.
Here are three tips that will help you recruit more truck drivers in less time.

  1. Set a goal – Your company is counting on you to help them achieve their hiring goals, so it’s crucial you’re clear on exactly what those goals are. How many truck drivers does your recruiting department need to hire this year, this month, this week? What kind of driver leads do you work best (phone calls, short forms, social media leads, etc.). How many of these leads does it take to make a hire, and how many leads can you work in a day? Once you know the numbers, you can set a goal. And once you set that goal, you can smash it!

  2. Manage your time – There are dozens of steps between that first conversation with a prospective truck driver and physically seeing them in orientation. That’s why time management skills are so important in high-volume driver recruitment. The difference between being busy and being productive all comes down to planning. Use the first 15 minutes of your day to schedule the phone calls you have to return, the emails you need to send, and the paperwork you’ve got to finish. You can count on interruptions, but it’s much easier to pick up where you left off if you started with a clear goal and a solid plan.

  3. Put your technology to work – I have two virtual assistants who remind me of everything from my dental appointment to what I need at the grocery store. I’d be lost without Alexa and Siri, and I’m okay with that. Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, it’s easier than ever to set follow-up reminders, schedule calls, send messages, and take notes. Successful recruiting departments are even using Artificial Intelligence to speed up the hiring process. Tools like the LeadFlex Recruitment Marketing Platform, Virtual Recruiter, and Chat Bots can help you pre-screen applicants and weed out unqualified drivers. When you automate these parts of the recruiting process, you reduce your time-to-hire, which means more drivers in orientation sooner.

We’d like to hear from you. What are your favorite tips & tricks for high-volume truck driver recruiting?

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