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Top 3 Reasons You Should Stop Ignoring the Top of the Driver Lead Funnel

I know the top-of-the-funnel might not seem like the best investment for your employer brand when it comes to truck driver recruiting, but it’s time to stop ignoring the top of the Driver Lead Funnel.

Why are carriers reluctant to invest in the Awareness Phase of the Driver Lead Funnel? Strategy is tough to track, and branding-type strategies seem less tangible than tactics employed in the Consideration and Conversion phases of the lead funnel. That might be true, but carriers who are investing in the top of the funnel are winning – here’s why:

  1. Brand Preference is Developed in the Awareness Phase: Drivers trust brands who create multiple content touchpoints with soft call-to-actions. This trust leads to brand preference, which leads to future conversions. If you’re not employing strategy at the top of the Driver Lead Funnel, you are not supporting efforts for your brand to be preferred among drivers. These driver recruitment top-of-funnel strategies include video, social media content, blog posts, and more.
  2. Healthy Pipelines Lead to More Truck Driver Hires: Feeding the top of the funnel creates a healthy pipeline for your driver recruiters. Without strategy in the Awareness Phase of the Driver Lead Funnel, fleets can’t expect to feed qualified leads to their recruiting teams. Success in hiring truck drivers starts at the top of the funnel.
  3. The Data Doesn’t Lie: When analyzing hire source attribution for truck drivers through LeadLink from Conversion Interactive Agency, the data shows that the driver journey almost always begins with a touchpoint in the Awareness Phase of the Driver Lead Funnel. Without top-of-funnel strategies, carriers are ignoring key tactics that help improve traffic and landing page sessions that lead to job postings.

For more information on how you can effectively implement a solid strategy for your top-of-funnel driver recruiting, let’s chat today!

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