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Trends in Combating the Aging Driver Workforce

By: Lori Furnell, VP Business Development, ACS Advertising

Our workforce is aging and we have to think differently if we are going to continue to meet shipping demands. Baby boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per month. The average age of the American truck driver is 47 with an average retirement age of 64. So what are companies doing to offset this exodus?

The trending solutions fall into two categories:

  1. Change in Workforce
  2. Change in Programs

Companies are embracing the inexperienced driver like never before. A recent ARTI survey cited 56% of companies that do not hire students are considering student programs in 2013. That would mean that 75% of the companies surveyed are open to hiring students. This supports the trend of increased company driving schools as well has hiring directly from public driver training institutions.

Truck drivers have become more diverse than in the past. Not only are you dealing with generational diversity, companies are actively seeking specific demographics based on geography. Companies who are successfully hiring diverse populations have developed a strong sourcing strategy to target the best drivers for their company. This means they are personally seeking out the individuals that they want to join their workforce and proving to them that they understand their culture.

Online training is now seen as a benefit to Gen X and Gen Y. They like the availability and flexibility of training on their own time, their own way. Companies who have implemented online training solutions are now pushing out their program to multiple locations and adding modules for ongoing skill development.

Finally, we see new lease purchase programs launched weekly. The most successful companies are also implementing courses on basic business practices to support the new lease driver.

When establishing your recruitment strategy for the next quarter, review your practices. What will your company have to do to stay ahead of these trends?

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