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Truck Driver Appreciation Week - It’s Not Over

Did you know that drivers consistently list respect as their number one priority when choosing a carrier? With the current driver shortage, it’s more important than ever to let your drivers know they are valued members of your team. That’s one reason Truck Driver Appreciation Week is such a valuable opportunity to show drivers how much you care.

As we all know, truck drivers don’t get their due respect from the public, and it is important that their carrier has their back. Many carriers and organizations in the trucking industry chose to honor drivers publicly last week, by posting their thanks on social media and reaching out to national media outlets. In honor of the week, the American Trucking Associations launched an amazing billboard campaign throughout multiple states, aimed at increasing public awareness of the vital role truckers play in society. These billboards featured real, veteran drivers and highlighted just how dependent we are on drivers to supply our basic essentials.

On a more personal scale, several carriers gave away cash and prizes to drivers to show their appreciation. Montgomery Transport’s Driver Appreciation Week raffle awarded some lucky drivers a Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 525, Cobra CB radio, and several Visa gift cards as part of their DAW events. Audience feedback showed the event was incredibly popular with Montgomery drivers. For many truckers, nothing says thank you like some new trucking swag!

Many carriers say they’re a “family” but fail to create personal relationships with drivers. Events that facilitate one on one team bonding can be vital to creating a culture of loyalty and respect among drivers. Last week Super Service (soon to be J&R Schugel) honored their drivers with cookouts at every terminal, all week long. While it may be less flashy than a billboard campaign or large giveaway, hosting a cookout for drivers is a great way to foster a supportive company culture. Cookouts and similar events offer more than just free food, they allow carriers to create a sense of community and get to know drivers on a personal level.

For a carrier’s recruiting and retention efforts to be successful, driver appreciation needs to be more than just one week of the year. No matter how amazing your DAW events are, your efforts will fall flat it they are not backed up by a culture of support and respect for drivers, each and every day. As we wrap up the week, take a look at some of the successful ways carriers have shown drivers their appreciation and think about how you can use these ideas to continue showing driver appreciation throughout the rest of the year.

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