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Video Killed the Radio Star

By Lori Furnell, ACS Advertising Social Media Strategist

Big hair, pop rocks candy, and John Hughes films dominated the 80’s. However, nothing changed music as much as MTV. In 1981, teenagers waited anxiously by their televisions to watch the launch of the mysterious new channel, MTV. The Buggle’s song Video Killed the Radio Star bellowed from speakers announcing the era of the video. Some thirty years later we find video dominating the web.

In February, 2011 Google announced a change in their search engine algorithm. This change placed greater importance on relevant, organic content. The key here is organic. No longer can you scrape sites for content and achieve the same Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. You have to supply original, changing, relevant content. This means that interactive social components and videos can push your SEO higher in the rankings and must be part of all successful social media efforts. Google has followed their own advice by adding videos to their “Google doodle.” Recently, they used one such doodle to celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday.

With YouTube ranked as the third most popular search engine, a video presence is required to reach your audience. Let’s face it; you want to be found where people are searching. Videos tell a story, your story, and turn fans into fanatics …fanatics that take your videos viral.

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