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When Momma is Happy…

They say when Momma’s happy – everybody’s happy, right? We agree. That’s why when organizations are planning retention programs, we encourage clients to involve spouses when possible.

For example, in the trucking industry, driver retention programs are vital to making sure fleets retain quality drivers who make a huge difference for their business. When developing retention programs for drivers, don’t leave Momma out!

Often the spouse is the one who first notices payroll issues, might have a bone to pick with driver managers when their husband isn’t home often enough, and the one who opens most of the correspondence from the company. While many drivers might not want to admit it, their wives have huge input in many decisions. And, if Momma isn’t happy … well, you get the idea.

Retention programs should always include strategies targeting spouses. Perhaps you send information on your latest benefit package to the spouse and include in the package a nice oven mitt with your company’s logo. Or, you could create an e-newsletter that goes out to employee spouses quarterly updating them on company news. How you choose to get the spouse involved is your choice, but getting them involved can play a key role in your retention program.

Add this to your list of retention strategies, and Momma won’t be the only one that’s happy.

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