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Winning Recruiting Battles

By: Elmer Mobley, Digital Media Strategist, ACS Advertising

We all know the statistics – the driver shortage is real and not going away anytime soon. Recruiting and retaining drivers is critical to your success. How do you rise above the competition?

Driver recruiting is an intricate dance, 26K marathon and 60-yard dash and (every once in a while) a full-contact sport all rolled into one. Good old-fashioned recruiting skills can quickly get lost in trying to juggle traditional media options, digital and social media, and the mountain of data each of them create.

We often lose site of what the driver experience is like. The explosion of mobile devices, online job boards and web-based applications has enabled drivers to sometimes apply with multiple carriers all at once. The carrier that responds quickly with an engaging message often wins the recruiting battles day-to-day. Creating a positive experience from job postings to the application process can mean big wins for your recruiting ROI. How, then, can you make sure you reach those qualified drivers with the right message? Evaluating your entire process from job postings to onboarding can give you valuable insights.

HireRight recently released their 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report. It’s a big report but they put together a nifty infographic with many highlights which can have direct impact on your driver recruiting strategies.

  • Remember Your Brand – 51% of organizations don’t offer clear connections between the job posting and the corporate brand message. The first impression a potential driver may get about your company starts with your job postings, recruiting website, social media, print ads and other marketing. Your company and the brand you’ve built are critical to differentiate you from your competitors. Make sure drivers can make that connection.
  • Be Social – More and more job seekers expect to find job postings or opportunities from social media channels either through direct messaging from companies or from interactions within their networks. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs are quickly becoming routine places for job seekers to find information. 40% of organizations are using these channels for recruiting. Are you?
  • Respond to Applications or Inquiries Quickly – 77% of job applicants receive no communication from companies after submitting interest. Odds are high that a driver will apply to multiple companies and wait for whoever gets back to them first. The faster you can respond the better your chances of hiring a driver.
  • Be Nice! – 90% of applicants who were treated with courtesy and had personalized interactions would encourage others to join the company. Referrals are usually your best (and cheapest) hires.
  • Survey Your Driver Candidates During the Hiring Process and After They’re Hired – This data can help you identify best practices and zero-in on potential roadblocks in the process – 78% of job candidates indicated that they would be more likely to talk about a bad hiring experience with friends and family.

In a crowded and hyper-competitive recruiting environment with nearly unlimited tools but a very limited pool of drivers the difference can be as easy as building trust and rapport with a driver. Make the process easy, engaging and flexible. Don’t get overwhelmed by the endless parade of tools. It’s tough to underestimate the power of building relationships.

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