ConversionUP is a career growth and recognition program for the Team Behind the Arrow at Conversion Interactive Agency. The program encourages career growth and recognition within the organization, allowing employees a way to “level up” as they grow in their career at Conversion and be recognized for achievements.

Employees earn “miles” for each of the categories listed below. There is no “finish line” rather, an opportunity to keep earning miles and arrows for accomplishments and achievements. As employees accomplish goals within these categories, they earn “miles” toward their next completed arrow. They cash in their miles once they achieve up to 25,000 miles for rewards and incentives.

ConversionUP Categories:

  • Training & Learning
  • Career Milestones
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Customer Recognition
  • Company Involvement
  • Extra Mile Awards
  • WOW Awards
  • Annual Awards
  • Passion & Community Projects
  • Innovation & Cost Savings

These categories represent and honor our culture blueprint at Conversion Interactive Agency, which includes 4 pillars:


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