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ConversionU ATA Transport Topics

General Session 1 –

Old School Driver Recruiting in a New School Way: Breaking Through in Today's Digital & Social World

In this opening session, speaker and author Jared James will challenge trucking's driver recruiting strategy today by helping us understand why drivers connect with brands the way they do and how we can more effectively market to them in today's digital and social world. When it comes to digital search, social media, and online reviews, how can carriers stand out in the crowd? You will leave motivated and with practical tools and insight into how you can better recruit and retain drivers.

Speaker: Jared James, Author & Nationally Renowned Speaker

General Session 2 –

The Road to Driver Empathy: Writing Our Industry's Song

In this second general session, singer, songwriter, and nationally renowned speaker Jimmy Yeary will take us through a journey of understanding today's truck driver, applying empathy to our recruiting and retention efforts, and telling our story by putting ourselves in the driver's shoes. Why not take a note from Nashville while you're here ... let's come together to write our own industry's song through the eyes of a truck driver.

Speaker: Jimmy Yeary, CMA and ACM Award-winning Singer, Songwriter, and Public Speaker

General Session 3 –

Industry Insider: What Recruiters Need to Know About Today’s Trucking Industry

The American Trucking Associations is continually focused on supporting workforce development in transportation. In this session, attendees will hear from ATA President & CEO Chris Spear on the organization's efforts to help support the challenges facing recruiters in the industry today.

Speaker: Chris Spear, President & CEO, American Trucking Associations

General Session 4 –

Recruiting & Retention Rundown: The Economy, The Labor Market & Driver Data That Matters to You

In this session, attendees will hear from industry experts on data and trends relating to the economics of the trucking industry that affect driver recruiting; data and information around the labor market and transportation job seekers; and the latest insight on the driver market including an analysis of today’s driver behavior and the driver perspective. You don’t want to miss this in-depth analysis of driver recruiting in today’s market.

Speakers: Info Coming Soon!

General Session 5 –

Transport Topics Recruiting Professional of the Year Nominees & Announcement of Winner

In this session, attendees will hear from the top nominees for Transport Topics Recruiting Professional of the Year Award on strategy and innovation they implemented in 2019 to support their recruiting and retention goals. The 2019 Transport Topics Recruiting Professional of the Year Award will be presented.

Moderator: Sue Hensley, Executive Vice President of Communications & Public Affairs for ATA Panel: Recruiting Professional of the Year Finalists

General Session 6 –

Recruiting & Retention Networking Roundtable

Networking and benchmarking with other carriers and industry providers is a valuable part of the R&R Conference. In this general session, attendees have the opportunity to network with other recruiting professionals on various topics relating to driver recruiting and retention in today's market.

Moderator: Erin Young, VP Client Services, Conversion Interactive Agency


Workshop 1 –

Why Your Search AND Social Media Driver Advertising Work Better Together

Managing your search engine marketing and your social media advertising as separate strategies is not a winning tactic in driver recruiting. In this session, attendees will learn how online search campaigns work hand-in-hand with social media advertising campaigns to deliver quality leads, brand preference among drivers, and the hires you desire from your marketing efforts.

Speakers: Carrier Representative (info coming soon!); Lance Britton, Director of Innovation, Conversion Interactive Agency; and Alicia Conner, Social Media Marketing Manager; Conversion Interactive Agency

Workshop 2 -

Driver Retention Game Changer: Unlocking the "Why" Behind My Carrier's Driver Turnover

Driver turnover has been keeping our industry up at night for too long. In this session, attendees will hear from industry experts who have had thousands of conversations with drivers. They will shed light on the "why" behind most of today's driver turnover issues. Hear how carriers are dissecting the data behind the curtain of driver turnover to unleash improved retention.

Speaker: Scott Dismuke, Director of Agents, Professional Driver Agency

Workshop 3 -

The Recruiter's Guide to Gaining Support from Your C-Suite

You have great ideas for recruiting and retention at your carrier, but you need support from your c-suite. In this session, attendees will hear from industry experts and c-level executives how to educate and encourage your executive team to champion your recruiting and retention efforts.

Panel of CEOs at Leading Carriers: Info Coming Soon!
Moderator: Steve Sichterman, VP Client Services, Conversion Interactive Agency

Workshop 4 -

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Social Media Strategy for Driver Recruiting and Retention

Carriers cannot ignore the impact social media has on recruiting today. In this session, attendees will hear from industry experts on how Facebook, Instagram, and video strategies are driving leads and helping carriers recruit and retain drivers. In addition, attendees will hear carrier case studies on how social media is specifically impacting recruiting and retention.

Speakers: Leading Driver Social Media Community Provider (info coming soon!); Beverly Ringstaff, Creative Director, Conversion Interactive Agency

Workshop 5 -

Making the Connection: Does My Perspective of What's Important to Drivers Match the Reality?

As an industry, are we making assumptions about the driver perspective that doesn't match the reality of what they deem important? In this session, attendees will hear directly from a panel of professional drivers on what's important to them and their opinions on topics relating to driver recruiting and retention.

Truck Driver Panel: Info Coming Soon!
Moderator: Elisabeth Barna, Chief Operating Officer & EVP, American Trucking Associations

Workshop 6 -

Am I Successfully Navigating My ATS? Answers to Your Questions Are Here

For most carriers, your applicant tracking system (ATS) is a key tool your recruiters use throughout the hiring process. In this session, attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate and network with the leading ATS providers in the trucking industry. Ask your questions, gain insight and feedback on how to better utilize the tools and set your team up for success.

Moderator & Panel of Leading Driver Recruiting ATS Providers: Info Coming Soon!

Workshop 7 -

Behind the Curtain: Recruiting Job Boards, Online Driver Forums, and Performance Marketing for Drivers Today

Understanding how to increase driver leads can be critical to your driver recruiting strategy. In this session, attendees will hear from driver recruitment media providers on best practices carriers can take in their strategy, what type of strategies produce the most qualified leads, and tips carriers can implement to stand out in the crowd of online advertisers.

Moderator & Panel of Leading Job Boards & Driver Forums: Info Coming Soon!

Workshop 8 -

How Carriers are Winning at Recruiting by Improving Driver Retention and Fighting the Battle of the No-Show Epidemic

With the volatility of today's driver market, one proven strategy for recruiting is focusing on improving driver turnover. But, how are carriers doing that today? In this session, attendees will hear from a panel of carriers on how they're improving recruiting by focusing on retention, how they're fighting the battle of the no-show epidemic, and what strategies are working today for fleets of all sizes. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to network and benchmark with carriers on various topics relating to retaining drivers.

Moderator & Panel of Leading Carrier Representatives: Info Coming Soon!

Workshop 9 -

What’s Next for Driver Pay

After record-breaking driver pay increases over the past few years, carriers are curious as to what is next for driver pay. In this session, industry expert, Leah Shaver will walk attendees through the latest driver pay trends. She will analyze how referrals, safety bonuses, guaranteed pay models and other productivity-based driver compensation models are unfolding in today's market.

Speaker: Leah Shaver, Chief Operating Officer, National Transportation Institute

Workshop 10 -

Connecting Drivers with Their Next Great Opportunity Through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In today's digital world, carriers are using artificial intelligence (AI) with programs that have the ability to learn and reason like humans and complete the initial interactions with potential drivers. Are your hiring solutions utilizing AI, or are you reluctant to implement these types of strategies? In this session, attendees will hear from an expert in AI hiring solutions and how they can be effective for carriers today.

Speaker: Dave Tuttle, VP of Enterprise, ZipRecruiter

Workshop 11 -

Understanding How to Better Manage Your Online Search Strategy Within the Driver Lead Funnel

Driver recruitment marketing experts agree that online search is often the first step in the driver's journey to finding a new job. Understanding how drivers search, job descriptions, online hiring events, and the importance of search in the driver lead funnel is important for recruiters. In this session, attendees will have an opportunity to hear from the leading job search engines on how to better manage your search strategy.

Moderator & Panel of Search Engine Recruiting Experts: Info Coming Soon!

Workshop 12 -

Hiring Students & Former Military Drivers in Today's Employment Market

You want to support filling your trucks with former military and student drivers who have recently joined the industry, but maybe your strategy is falling flat. In this session, attendees will hear from industry experts on hiring students in today's driver market and best practices for attracting former military candidates as truck drivers.

Moderator & Panel of Student & Military Recruiting Experts: Info Coming Soon!

Workshop 13 -

Industry Outlook: The Race to Autonomous Trucks & The Impact on Drivers

Whether you're a true believer or a skeptic when it comes to self-driving trucks, it is hard to argue that more advanced driver-assist systems are coming soon. In this session, experts will navigate the facts around driver assisted technology and how its application might impact the industry today and in the future.

Speaker Info Coming Soon!