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I Have a Lot to Say, But No One is Listening

Do you ever feel like you are talking, but no one is there? Social media allows you to have “two-way” conversations with your target market. That’s right, you talk to them, and they answer back.


What are you selling?

OK, so you don't have a product. But then again, maybe you do. What is the "thing" you are trying to get out to the masses? Is it an opportunity, a service, or a feeling perhaps?


Recruiting Across Generations

When it comes to recruiting strategies, it’s important to keep in mind different generations and how to reach those generations through your recruiting and retention plans.


Video Killed the Radio Star

Big hair, pop rocks candy, and John Hughes films dominated the 80’s. However, nothing changed music as much as MTV.


Twitter for Scaredy Cats and Busy Bees

Many business owners know that social media is all the rage right now but are not necessarily convinced that it is for them.


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